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      Saturday, September 4, 2021

      APE produces Afro-Cuban collaborations with top International musicians to bring awareness of ocean plastic pollution, other maritime issues, climate change and natural disaster relief. Some of these artists are Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Ed Sheeran, Radiohead, Mumford & Sons, Coldplay, Beck, Bob Dylan, Eminem and many others.

      You can help save our oceans by downloading or buying our CDs or making a donation.

      OPLI – Holding Offenders Accountable

      Report by ?Oliver Tickell.? This reminds the world’s governments of their existing legal obligations to prevent waste plastic from entering the oceans, empowering civil society to insist on rapid compliance with international law.

      Make a Donation – Make a Difference

      Please make a donation so we may continue our vital work protecting marine life. Your donation will support really ground-breaking work throughout the world which is helping to bring-forth a better future for everyone. Thank You!

      Ocean Plastics: An Agenda for Action

      A solutions-oriented report by ?Edward Kosior and ?Irene Crescenzi. It argues that prevention at source is the key action to take in order to reduce the amount of plastics that reaches the oceans.

      Projects APE Supported

      Enchanted reforestation project of Nadukuppam

      Artists Project Earth – through Converging World - funded the reforestation project ‘Nadukuppam Forest’ in Southern India. This 35-acre area near Marakkanam on the east coast was a barren land of red earth before Joss Brooks and his team started planting Tropical Dry Evergreen Forest species and crops in 2003. To date, thousands of trees, shrubs and plants have...

      Supporting the Forty North Oysters Project, USA

      When Super Storm Sandy hit the New Jersey Coast one group of people lost their potential livelihood till APE stepped in to aid their struggling oyster concern. Forty North Oysters sent an S.O.S after their entire stock was destroyed by the storm. We came to their aid with a grant to help re-build their project. Forty North Oyster sis now...
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